Monday, August 18, 2014

More about the Fort Lauderdale Zone Conference

This is President and Sister Richardson of the Florida Fort Lauderdale mission. He is the kind of man that lights up a room when he enters. They love the missionaries and give them some good council at the zone conferences. We enjoyed our time with them--and yes the rain poured down every afternoon while we were there.
 This is the Fort Lauderdale Mission home. We stayed there for four nights and attended the Four Zone Conferences throughout the mission. Sister Richardson made us feel so comfortable. She told us that her box of frosted mini wheats and jar of peanut butter are open at all times--you will not want me to cook for you. We did have a Columbian dinner cooked by her housekeeper on Wednesday evening. The mission home has a screened in swimming pool that we were welcome to use but didn't.

This is the Fort Lauderdale Temple located in Davie along highway 75. We had an appointment to attend the 6pm session on Thursday evening. After zone conferences we took a scenic drive out to see the Beach. We drove through Hollywood Beach and Surf Side Beach--the crowded streets were lined with tall hotels all the way to Miami. At a Publix grocery store we grabbed some bananas and juice and dinner at the deli. If we hadn't stopped to shop at "Ross Dress for Less" it would have been a more a comfortable drive to the temple because we got stuck in traffic--Chuck kept saying, "We are not going make it in time. I wish we hadn't stopped to shop." Thank goodness for Garmin showing us the way and giving us the arrival time. We did make it and enjoyed the peace and beauty--I cannot emphasize how beautiful and how kind everyone is.

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