Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zone Conferences--Florida Orlando Mission

Cocoa Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
Deland Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
Hunters Creek Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
Orlando Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
Orlando South Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
Leesburg Zone August 2014 Elder Hamula--First Quorum Seventy--Presiding
     We had a Sunday night fireside and two days of Zone Conferences with Elder Hamula--wow, what a spiritual feast! Of the many things he told us the one that really stood out to me was: we won't get revelation unless we ask the Lord questions in sincere prayer. When reading our scriptures we should ask ourselves: What is the Lord trying to teach us. How does this liken unto our own lives. Ask questions. Joseph Smith was willing to ask in prayer which of all the churches he should join.
     The young Elders and Sisters are very dedicated--I love being around them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Senior District Evening with Elder and Sister Hamula

Monday, 18 August 2014-- The Senior District Left to Right: Elders and Sisters Western, Pratt, Boynton, Nielsen, Claire, Busath, Hamula, Berry, E. Johnson, Bean, Hansen, Spencer, M. Johnson
We had a wonderful evening together--yummy dinner with some of the best pie of every variety for dessert. Then we went into the Relief Society Room and the Hamula's spoke to us. First of all Elder Hamula asked President and Sister Berry's to introduce every senior individually and their assignment. They were so complimentary and we all felt so loved. Added to that was sister Hamula, who thanked us from the bottom of her heart and tears in her eyes for supporting the mission. The Hamula's have been mission presidents in Washington DC South 20 years ago and they know what a great help they received from senior couples. Then Elder Hamula spoke and by then I was in tears because he quoted from Doctrine and Covenants 31:2-7 ". . . I will bless you and your family,  yea, you and your little ones. . ." He told us not to worry about our families and promised us we would be blessed because of our mission. This is such a short time to serve. I know the Hamula's miss their family as well. Three of their children are serving missions right now (including a set of twin boys) and they have spent 5 years in the Pacific Islands as area president--very dedicated and very blessed.

Monday, August 18, 2014

More about the Fort Lauderdale Zone Conference

This is President and Sister Richardson of the Florida Fort Lauderdale mission. He is the kind of man that lights up a room when he enters. They love the missionaries and give them some good council at the zone conferences. We enjoyed our time with them--and yes the rain poured down every afternoon while we were there.
 This is the Fort Lauderdale Mission home. We stayed there for four nights and attended the Four Zone Conferences throughout the mission. Sister Richardson made us feel so comfortable. She told us that her box of frosted mini wheats and jar of peanut butter are open at all times--you will not want me to cook for you. We did have a Columbian dinner cooked by her housekeeper on Wednesday evening. The mission home has a screened in swimming pool that we were welcome to use but didn't.

This is the Fort Lauderdale Temple located in Davie along highway 75. We had an appointment to attend the 6pm session on Thursday evening. After zone conferences we took a scenic drive out to see the Beach. We drove through Hollywood Beach and Surf Side Beach--the crowded streets were lined with tall hotels all the way to Miami. At a Publix grocery store we grabbed some bananas and juice and dinner at the deli. If we hadn't stopped to shop at "Ross Dress for Less" it would have been a more a comfortable drive to the temple because we got stuck in traffic--Chuck kept saying, "We are not going make it in time. I wish we hadn't stopped to shop." Thank goodness for Garmin showing us the way and giving us the arrival time. We did make it and enjoyed the peace and beauty--I cannot emphasize how beautiful and how kind everyone is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zone Conference--Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission

On Monday evening Elder Bean and I drove south to the Fort Lauderdale mission home to stay with President and Sister Richardson for four days of Zone Conferences. Sister Richardson is in the orange skirt. She is very kind to all the missionaries. She loves and understands them and helps them along in such an encouraging way. She talked at the conferences about fire safety in the kitchen. Apparently there have been couple of kitchen fires because someone left hot grease cooking on the stove. Elder Bean talked to them about injury prevention and the importance of eating a balanced diet.  He also talked to some select few missionaries with orthopedic problems. I have enjoyed the meetings and the missionaries and have done indexing and family history on my computer during the meetings. President Richardson is a dynamic speaker. He told the missionaries they needed to keep in contact with the people they baptize. They are encouraged to have dinner in five members homes with those newly baptized--that way they can feel more comfortable at church because they know someone. We had a great Italian dinner and a Columbian dinner, we drove to Miami Beach, and attended the Fort Lauderdale Temple.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pizza at Giordano's with Matt Collier's Family

 Friday evening we had delicious pizza with Matt Collier and his family Crystal, Quinn, Kaily. Random. Wow, it was thick with cheese--so delicious. This delightful family belong to our close friends in Kaysville, John and Pati Collier. When Elder Bean ordered a diet Pepsi, 8 year old Random wanted to know if we were Mormons (Their mom, Crystal mentioned all they drink is milk and water). We all laughed and told him we were missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and showed him our missionary badge. Chuck did say that he feels guilty ordering a drink with caffeine because there is a mission rule "no caffeine drinks". The senior missionaries do not have to follow the same rules as the young single adult missionaries. One of the young Sisters was in the office recently and asked one of the seniors that had a diet coke, "Can I just smell it". Some of the missionaries really miss Coke or Pepsi but they know if they are obedient miracles will occur.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

National Family Night out in Clermont, Florida

This is our second evening with the booth! Tuesday 5 August 2014 we drove to Clermont Florida to the "National Family Night Out". There were several of rows of vendors with food and information. All the food samples were free. Elder's Jacobsen and Gale helped us set up the cabana, video player, pamphlets, Books of Mormon, and posters. We had a heavy rain storm while we were driving to Clermont then like a bath room shower as quick as it started it stopped--leaving us with a beautiful evening, still very humid. The other missionaries that served at the booth were Elders Anderson and Hemsley with Sisters Ackley and Lokotui. They were talking to someone with questions and interested the entire evening.
 On our way to Clermont we stopped at Sports Authority to buy stakes to anchor the cabana. There was an employee that looked at my badge and said, "The Church of Jesus Christ" you know I pray every day. My mom is a Catholic and my dad is a Christian. I would like to go to your Church. So I had him fill out a referral card so we could send the missionaries to teach him. It was that easy. It is what we call a golden contact. Many people are not interested in learning more about the restored Gospel but there are some that are very willing to listen and learn and study and pray to find out for themselves if it is true. At the end of our wonderful evening Elder Bean gave the Elders a twenty dollar bill and told them to buy a treat. We took the sisters with us for frozen yogurt.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mormon Helping Hands

 Saturday, August 2, 2014 was Stake service day. We went to Lake side Elementary to paint, clean, wash  windows, weed, and lay mulch. Elder Bean and I raised our hands when they said they needed skilled painters. What a fun blue color was painted on two walls of the office. Our bishop ordered Mormon Helping Hands T-shirts for everyone in the ward that signed up. Getting that shirt for a short four hours of work was worth it. 
Our arrival time according to the GPS was 30 minutes early than we had anticipated giving us time to stop at a garage sale--jackpot we found and bought a keyboard--we have wished we had had room for ours when we traveled to our mission. All we need now is a hymn book!

Trip to Florida's East Coast

     Our last day of training/interviews we drove to Florida's East Coast to Chapels in Rockledge and Melbourne, Florida. We arrived an hour early so we had time to drive over two bridges onto Merritt island and walk along the shore of Cocoa Beach just South of Cape Canaveral. We were with Elder and Sister Nielson, the nurse--we laughed at ourselves because there we were dressed for a church meeting on the beach--not exactly fitting attire. With our shoes off it felt great to feel the sand on our toes just long enough to shoot some photos. Sister Berry was jealous that we went without her. LOL
     This was a great day for my Family History research--the FH library was open at Rockledge, I found the Lodge family and entered them into Family Tree plus that day I received an email with Charles Finely Wilkinson's obituary that confirmed that his mother maiden name was Lodge--honestly a find like that is more exciting to me than being on Cocoa Beach. 
     We finished up at the Church in Melbourne around 6:30pm just in time for dinner! As luck would have it we found a restaurant with the best Coconut Tilapia, Rosemary Bread, and Key Lime Pie. It was to die for--the only thing better would be able to share it with my family. I am so grateful that a loving Heavenly Father has made it possible for families to be together forever because right now I'm missing my family. Thank goodness for Sunday evening Google chat.