Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Florida Orlando Temple

Our senior district went to the Orlando Temple on Thursday evening July 10th at 5:30pm. This may be of no surprise but the rain was coming down hard when we arrived. What a beautiful place. Lighted water fountains can be seen from the street as we first drove near the temple grounds. What caught my eye when we first were walking into the HOUSE OF THE LORD was the brilliance of the shiny front door. It was solid glass with shiny silver chrome around their edges. As I walked in I felt a rush of emotion come over me because I could feel a peaceful tranquil spirit. There is no way to explain what a great feeling it is to be in the temple. It is decorated so beautifully and immaculately clean. There are members who come in to clean it every night that it is used.  The other senior couples that came were: Boynton, Busath, Gordon, Nielson, Johnson, MLS Johnson, Western, and Bevans, also Sister Danes and Sister Vador--great friends. 

I enjoy being in the temple to help someone receive their ordinances, to learn, and to pray. President Berry asked the missionaries to go to the temple with a purpose. Because I love my children usually my purpose is praying for their welfare or other challenges that I am facing. That is one great blessing of the temple.
We went again to the temple Friday July 18th at 7am with the missionaries in our ward. I got a picture of Sister Allison and Sister Moffitt at the entrance doors. We have gotten to know them at church and we worked with them at the booth. Notice the shiny doors and all the pillars of the temple entrance. In the early morning it takes about 25 minutes to drive to the temple from our apartment--with traffic about twice that long. We will probably be able to go to the temple every week while we are in Orlando. Elder Gottfredsen and Elder Jeppsen are the Zone leaders and also in our ward. I must not forget Sister Jackson and Sister Day also in the Kissimmee Ward. That makes 8!

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  1. We love that Temple as well! John and I have both had the opportunity to do a couple sessions there in the past and love the feeling there. Keep up the great work!