Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Activity in Leesburg, Florida

 Our senior activity this month was in Leesburg at the trailer park of the Westerns. Sister Western is in the green shirt between Sister Boynton on her right and Sister Berry in the blue skirt. Brother Busath, Sister Johnson and Sister Busath are also in the kitchen. We grilled meat and had a nice pot luck dinner. The Westerns bought a trailer in Utah and drove it all the way down to this tropical spot on the earth. They live in this nice trailer park. It has two pools, miniature golf, a club house, and tennis court. 

Elder Bean answered a few calls from other mission nurses while we were having our dinner together. Just outside the doors of this club house is a mossy bayou with alligators. Brother Western said when the gators get too big they are removed from the area. We rode around this little trailer park community in a golf cart--there are about 1000 trailers. A lot of the residents are gone now and will be back during the winter--snowbirds.

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  1. I have been reading through your posts, Jolynn. Your experiences are such fun reading. What a blessing, not only to those serving with you there, but to your family and to you and Chuck for having this wonderful opportunity. Sometime, though, tell Chuck to snap a picture or two of you and post them. Loves! Susan B.