Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reunion with the Brochs

The Brochs were in our ward when we lived in Fort Walton Beach over 30 years ago. I got their cell number from Brother Smith who works at the employment office next to the mission office. I honestly called them a the right time because they were coming to Orlando in a few days! We met for dinner at Olive Garden. I invited them to come to our ward because Dave and Lorna Deloche who we also knew in Ft. Walton are now in our Kissimmee Ward. I idolized Jane--her darling personality hasn't changed. They are so much fun. Brother Broch has served as a bishop in Ft. Walton twice for a total of 16 years. They now lead an addiction recovery group that meets every week--it is their mission from home. They told us about Dr. Donald Hilton and his research on the affects of pornography on the brain.
     I cannot believe that I didn't get a picture of the McSheehy's from Ft. Walton who also came to dinner at the Olive Garden. Sister McSheehy was Jeannie Atkinson's fifth grade teacher at Kenwood Elementary. Jeannie gave her a Book of Mormon and her mother Lillian Atkinson who worked as an aid at the school one day said to her, "My daughter mentioned that you have asked her a lot of questions about our church, would you like to have the missionaries come to your house to teach you." After a few years of investigating the church she and her husband and three of their five children were baptized. I remember Lillian mentioning the McSheehy's so I finally got to meet them and hear her conversion story. They have a grandson going on a mission--they had come to take him to the Orlando Temple. Remember the golden questions: How much do you know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints? Would you like to know more? Even young people can be good missionaries.

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