Sunday, July 13, 2014

P Day

Saturday is our Preparation Day or P Day. We clean our apartment (it is so nice to have a small enough place we can clean in under 2 hours), wash and iron our clothes, vacuum the Sequoia, shop, and do some sight seeing. Saturday, July 12th we worked in the morning then went to Downtown Disney--just a lot of shops and restaurants. Admission is free! As we were walking in Elder Bean said, this is the happiest place on earth--just as he said that I heard a mother being cross with her children. Within minutes another couple were telling their defiant child that they were going to leave and let someone else take him home. They did leave and the little boy started to cry and ran into one of the stores. It wasn't long before the angry parents were back--they picked him up swatted his bottom as they stormed out. The rest of our stay was happy--especially when we ate dinner at the Rainforest Café. We are sure it is the place we ate Key Lime Pie in a rainstorm on the back porch at Disney 97. I totally remember this! Unfortunately they no longer serve Key Lime Pie but the coconut shrimp and clam chowder were "Art Raymond worthy". We were craving Key Lime Pie so when we went grocery shopping and I bought the ingredients. Come next week we'll be eating KLP.
 As we were leaving it started to sprinkle, there are heavy rains everyday. A man started to talk to us as we were crossing the street to the parking lot. He was from Arizona, an engineer working for a few months at the Kennedy Space Center. The idea came to me that I should give him pass along card so I did. He thanked me for sharing--he has a family back home. We have been told that there are people that will be placed in our pathway that are ready to hear the restored gospel.
We drove through Celebration--a city built by Disney. All the houses are perfect like this one. All the people are beautiful walking around with their neat dogs or strolling some daring kids, all the cars are shiny, The shops are Disney worthy. The landscaping is immaculate. Wow, I've never seen anything like it--movie set perfect. Nice parks, nice, lakes, nice buildings everywhere. I know on the 4th of July they have great fireworks.

This is the outdoor seating at the rainforest café. It was so hot not many wanted to be outside.

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