Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Apartment in Hunters Creek--Orlando, Florida

I got a special request to show more of our apartment. We have 3bedrooms: the master with a spacious walk-in closet and bathroom. One empty guest room--we will soon get a guest bed to put in there--and an office with a desk file cabinet and table where we can put a air mattress if guests come. The second bathroom between the extra bedrooms has a washer and dryer. 
This is our living room--just the bare necessities. I actually like it that way. Next to our front door you see bright light on the French doors--these open to an outdoor screened patio. Right now it is too hot to sit out there--it has a nice view of the lake.

The housing coordinator for the mission gets all the furniture donated free. People call saying they have a donations and they go pick it up in a trailer. This was a good find. I doubt we will get a TV to fit in that space. We got internet Saturday.
In the master we have a comfortable bed with two lamps on nightstands. Like the colors--peach and blue? I want to find a nice bedspread sometime. The chair on the side is also a nice find. 

This is a fun little table furnished for us where we have morning prayer, scriptures and breakfast together.

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