Monday, July 7, 2014

Missionary Booth at Fourth of July Celebration

President Berry gave me (Sister Bean) three assignments that I can do while Elder Bean is Medical Advising. They are assignments with flexibility because my time in the Mission Office will vary while traveling with the Doctor. First: compiling of the Florida Orland Mission History. Second: preparing the letters the departing missionaries write to President and Sister Berry of their most spiritual experiences. Third: managing the "Mission Booth"--scheduling and distribution--the following is a picture is what I'm talking about

Sister Moffitt, Sister Allison, Two Spanish Speaking Elders in the middle, Elder Gottfredson, Elder Jeppson,
Notice the table with the "pass along cards", Books of Mormon, and Restoration literature. Over the table there is a cabana and on each side of the cabana are posters, one with Christ and the other explaining the organization of Christ's Church. A professional printer applied the words The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and on the top of the cabana and on the front of the table cover. The booth goes to the University of Central Florida every Wednesday for about 4 hours and I will arrange for it to get around to different celebrations and festivals in our mission.
We set-up the booth at Lake View Park for the City of Kissimmee's July 4th Celebration and the missionaries were able to talk to a lot of people about the Restored Gospel, write down about 50 referrals, and pass out a lot of literature. There was one man that had moved from Miami and had talked to the missionaries while there--he was interested in having them come back. The missionaries loved it--a great way to spend our holiday. An added bonus--they were passing out free snow cones and we were able to see the fireworks. Chuck and I enjoyed being there the entire evening and ate the most delicious hot lobster sandwich smothered in lobster bisque. I can truly see the work is hastening.

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  1. Jolynn, you look like you have done this before, you are just such a natural. Florida does look pretty. I have heard that the humidity is a killer, though. I think I mentioned this before, if not though....our neighbor's daughter, Allison Murray, is serving in the Orlando Mission. She is a very talented flute player with wonderful parents! Your story of the young man sharing the gospel with his art camp friend was great. It will be fun to hear other events that happen to you while there. Take care my special friend. Love ya, Susan B.