Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miracles in My Life

Sister Bean, out of focus selfie (fewer wrinkles lol)
     I got my first hair cut by Cody Powell at GREAT LOOKS Salon just a few blocks from our apartment--he was recommended by the other senior sisters--Elder Bean was impressed.
     I have been doing some family history at Stake FH centers --the consultants there have gone the extra mile to helped me. With their help I have been able to find the parents and siblings of Mary Ann Lodge who I thought was Mary Ann Dodge--now I have another family to take to the temple to be sealed together. So exciting. Sister Whitney was helping me until the library closed so she went home and one her own found some records in England that confirmed what I was searching. She called my cell phone the next morning to give me the information. (I saw her again in the temple on Friday morning). On another occasion the consultant ran out to the parking lot when I was leaving to give me a bit of info that she found the was key in the search. I count these as miracles in my life.


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  1. I would love to have Lauren and Will do the baptisms! Can you figure out how we can do that?