Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dinner View in a July Rainstorm

Orlando, Florida is beautiful and green with a lot of lakes splashed on the map. It rains most days June through November. The good news is with the rain comes some relief from the hot weather. We find it necessary to have umbrella's and raincoats in our car at all times. Last night was one of those evenings that it was raining so we were able to sit on our screened-patio eating dinner with this view .

At the Kissimmee Ward Party this afternoon the missionaries told us a story that I would like to share. A 9 year old boy in the ward had gone to art camp a few weeks ago. He made friends with a girl at the camp and they were sitting by each other drawing some pictures. The girl drew a picture of Jesus. When this young man saw the picture of Jesus he told his new friend about the Book of Mormon. Because he was bold in sharing the message of the Restored Gospel the family became interested in learning more about the church and the family of the little girl came as guests of the Baratora family to the ward party. The two families were happy to find out they live around the corner from each other. This was a great missionary moment. The Book of Mormon is true.

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