Sunday, July 20, 2014

Azteca the Mecca

Friday night, the mission office staff with Elder and Sister Berry, celebrated Elder Busath's birthday at Azteca--a delicious Mexican Restaurant that draws large numbers of people with its reasonable prices and large portions. (The young Elders love going there.) He was honored with a sombrero, a song, and chocolate dessert. Sister Busath is the secretary in the mission office and Brother Busath handles housing for the missionaries. They work together to manage all the apartments, pay their bills, furnish them, and trouble shoot. He is funny as a clown and she is organized, tidy, and gets the job done. We are so happy with our apartment thanks to them--when they changed our kitchen table Elder Bean said, "Sister Busath giveth and Sister Busath taketh away". The Azteca has a live Mariachi Band on the week ends--they are incredible--loved their voices. When they came to our table to perform Sister Berry said, "glad that trumpet player stood way back." 
Saturday night Elder Bean and I were looking forward to go to a baptism in our ward but he was on the phone with a crisis in Jacksonville, Florida so we ended up missing it--reminded me of how our life has been for the past 40 years. I remember the first time Chuck had to miss a family event for a medical situation I was in tears--now it doesn't even bother me. I would love to have gone to the baptism but I'm not going to get upset about it. We have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days, so I finished reading the last chapters in the Book of Helaman--the Lamanites are now more righteous than the Nephites. I also enjoyed talking to our daughter-in-law Kerstin and the girls on the phone while he was Medical directing.
Aren't I-phones wonderful: when Elder Bean and I were doing our shopping today we made a list on the "Reminders" app on our phone. He went to one end of Wal Mart and I went the other direction. When I picked up something that was on our list and put it in the shopping cart I deleted it and the item deleted on his phone.
While we were doing our shopping a man that Elder Bean didn't know said, "Elder Bean, where is your companion". A lot of people notice our badges--some smile.

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