Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Activity in Leesburg, Florida

 Our senior activity this month was in Leesburg at the trailer park of the Westerns. Sister Western is in the green shirt between Sister Boynton on her right and Sister Berry in the blue skirt. Brother Busath, Sister Johnson and Sister Busath are also in the kitchen. We grilled meat and had a nice pot luck dinner. The Westerns bought a trailer in Utah and drove it all the way down to this tropical spot on the earth. They live in this nice trailer park. It has two pools, miniature golf, a club house, and tennis court. 

Elder Bean answered a few calls from other mission nurses while we were having our dinner together. Just outside the doors of this club house is a mossy bayou with alligators. Brother Western said when the gators get too big they are removed from the area. We rode around this little trailer park community in a golf cart--there are about 1000 trailers. A lot of the residents are gone now and will be back during the winter--snowbirds.

Reunion with the Brochs

The Brochs were in our ward when we lived in Fort Walton Beach over 30 years ago. I got their cell number from Brother Smith who works at the employment office next to the mission office. I honestly called them a the right time because they were coming to Orlando in a few days! We met for dinner at Olive Garden. I invited them to come to our ward because Dave and Lorna Deloche who we also knew in Ft. Walton are now in our Kissimmee Ward. I idolized Jane--her darling personality hasn't changed. They are so much fun. Brother Broch has served as a bishop in Ft. Walton twice for a total of 16 years. They now lead an addiction recovery group that meets every week--it is their mission from home. They told us about Dr. Donald Hilton and his research on the affects of pornography on the brain.
     I cannot believe that I didn't get a picture of the McSheehy's from Ft. Walton who also came to dinner at the Olive Garden. Sister McSheehy was Jeannie Atkinson's fifth grade teacher at Kenwood Elementary. Jeannie gave her a Book of Mormon and her mother Lillian Atkinson who worked as an aid at the school one day said to her, "My daughter mentioned that you have asked her a lot of questions about our church, would you like to have the missionaries come to your house to teach you." After a few years of investigating the church she and her husband and three of their five children were baptized. I remember Lillian mentioning the McSheehy's so I finally got to meet them and hear her conversion story. They have a grandson going on a mission--they had come to take him to the Orlando Temple. Remember the golden questions: How much do you know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints? Would you like to know more? Even young people can be good missionaries.

Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission--Nurse Training

After going to the temple Friday morning, July 25th, Elder Bean and I made a quick trip to Fort Lauderdale. It took us about 2-1/2 hours one way on Florida's turnpike (the turnpike fees for were $24.00 round trip). Pictured is Elder Bean doing mission medical training for Sister Martin (seated). Sister Sommerfeldt, who also helped with the training, will be going home to Canada in a few weeks. She and her husband have served faithfully for nearly 3 years--total--as FFLM nurse and helping with the missionary apartments and cars--wow, busy. We went out with them to a Jewish restaurant for dinner--I loved the cabbage soup and home made breads. They said there has been a bed bug problem in missionary apartments and good to know, steam kills them the very best--non-toxic and effective. After dinner we drove home--about 7 hours in the car today.
 This is our first time to leave the Orlando Mission since we arrived a month ago.

Miracles in My Life

Sister Bean, out of focus selfie (fewer wrinkles lol)
     I got my first hair cut by Cody Powell at GREAT LOOKS Salon just a few blocks from our apartment--he was recommended by the other senior sisters--Elder Bean was impressed.
     I have been doing some family history at Stake FH centers --the consultants there have gone the extra mile to helped me. With their help I have been able to find the parents and siblings of Mary Ann Lodge who I thought was Mary Ann Dodge--now I have another family to take to the temple to be sealed together. So exciting. Sister Whitney was helping me until the library closed so she went home and one her own found some records in England that confirmed what I was searching. She called my cell phone the next morning to give me the information. (I saw her again in the temple on Friday morning). On another occasion the consultant ran out to the parking lot when I was leaving to give me a bit of info that she found the was key in the search. I count these as miracles in my life.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Training, Training, and More Training

Elder and Sister Nielson--nurse and mission I-pad specialist
 The Florida Orlando Missonaries have interviews with the Mission President 4 times a year--it takes 3 weeks 2 days a week to complete the interviews.  A group of missionaries meet at a church in their area and take turns having their interview while being trained. The trainers and President and Sister Berry drive from church building to church building  throughout the mission to meet the missionaries on their appointed time. The training this quarter is by Elder Bean, Sister Nielson, and a couple of sister missionaries who do i-pad training. Elder Doctor Bean’s training helps them prevent injuries while playing sports and biking--there are some specific safety guideline for missionaries to follow when playing sports, for instance: don’t keep score, don’t get too competitive, only play half court, and be aware of your surroundings. The mission nurse, Sister Nielson talks to them about their insurance cards, what to do in case of an accident, and adjusting to missionary life. Sisters Conant and Low do the I-pad training. The missionaries use I-pads to find investigators that might be interested in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. To keep herself occupied Sister Bean does family history and indexing during the training. Sister Berry ushers the missionaries into their interview.
Funny story: Elder Bean always wears a blue tooth to answer his cell phone. If the phone rings his response is always, "Answer" to activate the conversation. When Sisters Conant was doing her training Elder Bean was sitting in the front said "Answer" because his phone rang. He said it loud enough that it startled Sister Conant and she said, "I didn't ask you a question."
The I pad Geekettes--L-R Sister Low and Sister Conant
Elder Bean trains the missionaries to avoid sports injuries and biking accidents

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Azteca the Mecca

Friday night, the mission office staff with Elder and Sister Berry, celebrated Elder Busath's birthday at Azteca--a delicious Mexican Restaurant that draws large numbers of people with its reasonable prices and large portions. (The young Elders love going there.) He was honored with a sombrero, a song, and chocolate dessert. Sister Busath is the secretary in the mission office and Brother Busath handles housing for the missionaries. They work together to manage all the apartments, pay their bills, furnish them, and trouble shoot. He is funny as a clown and she is organized, tidy, and gets the job done. We are so happy with our apartment thanks to them--when they changed our kitchen table Elder Bean said, "Sister Busath giveth and Sister Busath taketh away". The Azteca has a live Mariachi Band on the week ends--they are incredible--loved their voices. When they came to our table to perform Sister Berry said, "glad that trumpet player stood way back." 
Saturday night Elder Bean and I were looking forward to go to a baptism in our ward but he was on the phone with a crisis in Jacksonville, Florida so we ended up missing it--reminded me of how our life has been for the past 40 years. I remember the first time Chuck had to miss a family event for a medical situation I was in tears--now it doesn't even bother me. I would love to have gone to the baptism but I'm not going to get upset about it. We have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days, so I finished reading the last chapters in the Book of Helaman--the Lamanites are now more righteous than the Nephites. I also enjoyed talking to our daughter-in-law Kerstin and the girls on the phone while he was Medical directing.
Aren't I-phones wonderful: when Elder Bean and I were doing our shopping today we made a list on the "Reminders" app on our phone. He went to one end of Wal Mart and I went the other direction. When I picked up something that was on our list and put it in the shopping cart I deleted it and the item deleted on his phone.
While we were doing our shopping a man that Elder Bean didn't know said, "Elder Bean, where is your companion". A lot of people notice our badges--some smile.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Walking in Celebration

This is a picture of Sister Berry in the white hat, Sister Nielsen (mission nurse) in the light green with the walking stick, Elder Bean looking back, Elder Nielson just behind his wife, and President Berry lagging behind while texting. The six of us drove over to the Disney built city of Celebration and went on a walk for an hour. We walked around three ponds, over bridges, and through the housing area--a workout for me. That was a great way to begin Pday.

The Florida Orlando Temple

Our senior district went to the Orlando Temple on Thursday evening July 10th at 5:30pm. This may be of no surprise but the rain was coming down hard when we arrived. What a beautiful place. Lighted water fountains can be seen from the street as we first drove near the temple grounds. What caught my eye when we first were walking into the HOUSE OF THE LORD was the brilliance of the shiny front door. It was solid glass with shiny silver chrome around their edges. As I walked in I felt a rush of emotion come over me because I could feel a peaceful tranquil spirit. There is no way to explain what a great feeling it is to be in the temple. It is decorated so beautifully and immaculately clean. There are members who come in to clean it every night that it is used.  The other senior couples that came were: Boynton, Busath, Gordon, Nielson, Johnson, MLS Johnson, Western, and Bevans, also Sister Danes and Sister Vador--great friends. 

I enjoy being in the temple to help someone receive their ordinances, to learn, and to pray. President Berry asked the missionaries to go to the temple with a purpose. Because I love my children usually my purpose is praying for their welfare or other challenges that I am facing. That is one great blessing of the temple.
We went again to the temple Friday July 18th at 7am with the missionaries in our ward. I got a picture of Sister Allison and Sister Moffitt at the entrance doors. We have gotten to know them at church and we worked with them at the booth. Notice the shiny doors and all the pillars of the temple entrance. In the early morning it takes about 25 minutes to drive to the temple from our apartment--with traffic about twice that long. We will probably be able to go to the temple every week while we are in Orlando. Elder Gottfredsen and Elder Jeppsen are the Zone leaders and also in our ward. I must not forget Sister Jackson and Sister Day also in the Kissimmee Ward. That makes 8!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


In the mission office hangs this poster and around the poster are the pictures of all the senior couples serving in the Florida Orlando Mission.
Every Monday night we get together with our Senior District and have Family Home Evening. Once a Month we go to the Orlando Temple for a session and we have an outing one Saturday a Month.
These people are good righteous dedicated missionaries that give a year or two serving full time missions.
Two single companions Sister Vaden of St. George, Utah and Sister Danes from Kuna, Idaho are leaving this week. They have been working in the employment office adjacent to the Florida Orlando mission office on Satellite Avenue.
The building that houses the mission office also has LDS social services, a bishops storehouse, and the employment office. We love being apart of the senior district.
Our Family Home Evening Lesson last night was given by Brother and Sister Gordon from a Conference Talk on "The Priesthood" by Dallin H. Oaks. Sister Gordon said she did not have the priesthood in her home growing up because her father was not a member. She was single for 25 years and her former husbands did not honor their priesthood. She has been married to Brother Gordon now for a little over a year and she told us how thrilled she is to finally have a worthy priesthood holder in her home--she values that blessing that many of us take for granted. Because of her lesson I want to express my gratitude for the worthy priesthood holders that have been in my home: my father Orson Leroy Hollist and Elder Charles Bean. That is truly a blessing with authority above that of Kings. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

P Day

Saturday is our Preparation Day or P Day. We clean our apartment (it is so nice to have a small enough place we can clean in under 2 hours), wash and iron our clothes, vacuum the Sequoia, shop, and do some sight seeing. Saturday, July 12th we worked in the morning then went to Downtown Disney--just a lot of shops and restaurants. Admission is free! As we were walking in Elder Bean said, this is the happiest place on earth--just as he said that I heard a mother being cross with her children. Within minutes another couple were telling their defiant child that they were going to leave and let someone else take him home. They did leave and the little boy started to cry and ran into one of the stores. It wasn't long before the angry parents were back--they picked him up swatted his bottom as they stormed out. The rest of our stay was happy--especially when we ate dinner at the Rainforest Café. We are sure it is the place we ate Key Lime Pie in a rainstorm on the back porch at Disney 97. I totally remember this! Unfortunately they no longer serve Key Lime Pie but the coconut shrimp and clam chowder were "Art Raymond worthy". We were craving Key Lime Pie so when we went grocery shopping and I bought the ingredients. Come next week we'll be eating KLP.
 As we were leaving it started to sprinkle, there are heavy rains everyday. A man started to talk to us as we were crossing the street to the parking lot. He was from Arizona, an engineer working for a few months at the Kennedy Space Center. The idea came to me that I should give him pass along card so I did. He thanked me for sharing--he has a family back home. We have been told that there are people that will be placed in our pathway that are ready to hear the restored gospel.
We drove through Celebration--a city built by Disney. All the houses are perfect like this one. All the people are beautiful walking around with their neat dogs or strolling some daring kids, all the cars are shiny, The shops are Disney worthy. The landscaping is immaculate. Wow, I've never seen anything like it--movie set perfect. Nice parks, nice, lakes, nice buildings everywhere. I know on the 4th of July they have great fireworks.

This is the outdoor seating at the rainforest café. It was so hot not many wanted to be outside.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Feeding the ducks

Every morning Chuck and I get up about 6:30am and go for a walk around the small lake that is in the middle of our apartment complex. There are about 15 or more ducks swimming in the water and waddling around. Chuck feeds them dry bread and old potato chips first thing when we go out. He has quite a following--they seem to be waiting for us when we go out the front door.
In addition to walking we use the exercise room in the club house building to strengthen our arms and legs every other day. Love how cool it is that early in the day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Missionary Booth at Fourth of July Celebration

President Berry gave me (Sister Bean) three assignments that I can do while Elder Bean is Medical Advising. They are assignments with flexibility because my time in the Mission Office will vary while traveling with the Doctor. First: compiling of the Florida Orland Mission History. Second: preparing the letters the departing missionaries write to President and Sister Berry of their most spiritual experiences. Third: managing the "Mission Booth"--scheduling and distribution--the following is a picture is what I'm talking about

Sister Moffitt, Sister Allison, Two Spanish Speaking Elders in the middle, Elder Gottfredson, Elder Jeppson,
Notice the table with the "pass along cards", Books of Mormon, and Restoration literature. Over the table there is a cabana and on each side of the cabana are posters, one with Christ and the other explaining the organization of Christ's Church. A professional printer applied the words The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and on the top of the cabana and on the front of the table cover. The booth goes to the University of Central Florida every Wednesday for about 4 hours and I will arrange for it to get around to different celebrations and festivals in our mission.
We set-up the booth at Lake View Park for the City of Kissimmee's July 4th Celebration and the missionaries were able to talk to a lot of people about the Restored Gospel, write down about 50 referrals, and pass out a lot of literature. There was one man that had moved from Miami and had talked to the missionaries while there--he was interested in having them come back. The missionaries loved it--a great way to spend our holiday. An added bonus--they were passing out free snow cones and we were able to see the fireworks. Chuck and I enjoyed being there the entire evening and ate the most delicious hot lobster sandwich smothered in lobster bisque. I can truly see the work is hastening.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dinner View in a July Rainstorm

Orlando, Florida is beautiful and green with a lot of lakes splashed on the map. It rains most days June through November. The good news is with the rain comes some relief from the hot weather. We find it necessary to have umbrella's and raincoats in our car at all times. Last night was one of those evenings that it was raining so we were able to sit on our screened-patio eating dinner with this view .

At the Kissimmee Ward Party this afternoon the missionaries told us a story that I would like to share. A 9 year old boy in the ward had gone to art camp a few weeks ago. He made friends with a girl at the camp and they were sitting by each other drawing some pictures. The girl drew a picture of Jesus. When this young man saw the picture of Jesus he told his new friend about the Book of Mormon. Because he was bold in sharing the message of the Restored Gospel the family became interested in learning more about the church and the family of the little girl came as guests of the Baratora family to the ward party. The two families were happy to find out they live around the corner from each other. This was a great missionary moment. The Book of Mormon is true.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Area Medical Advisors

We were so happy to get to know the Algiars when we were in the MTC. There are some great people in the world and they are among the best.The 18 Missions of the South Eastern United States is divided into two area's--we have the Southern half (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas)and Algiars have the Northern half (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee) So glad they are sharing the responsibility with us. This is their 3rd mission! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Missionaries Arrive--Monday 30 June 2014

On Monday 30 June 2014 a new group of missionaries arrived at the airport for the Orlando Mission. They came to the Whetherby Chapel for a pulled pork dinner which all the senior missionaries help serve. Thank goodness for Costco. After dinner they went to the mission home for an hour devotional. The missionaries are counseled to be exactly obedient. They were promised if they are obedient they will be blessed--with exact obedience comes miracles. 

Our Apartment in Hunters Creek--Orlando, Florida

I got a special request to show more of our apartment. We have 3bedrooms: the master with a spacious walk-in closet and bathroom. One empty guest room--we will soon get a guest bed to put in there--and an office with a desk file cabinet and table where we can put a air mattress if guests come. The second bathroom between the extra bedrooms has a washer and dryer. 
This is our living room--just the bare necessities. I actually like it that way. Next to our front door you see bright light on the French doors--these open to an outdoor screened patio. Right now it is too hot to sit out there--it has a nice view of the lake.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fort Walton Beach, Florida Home

This is the home we lived in from May 1980-May 1982 located on Krivik Court, Fort Walton Beach Florida, near Chula Vista Bayou. The thicket near the bayou was know to be full of water moccasins. Our neighbor Mr. Rosser killed one water moccasin in our yard--grateful he was on the lookout. Chuck worked at Eglin Air Force Base Hospital and Katherine was born there--our sweet little Florida baby. We have fond memories of friends, school, and church while living here.