Sunday, June 29, 2014

We've Arrived at the Florida Orlando Mission

Wednesday 25 June 2014 about 2pm we arrived at the mission office! We were weary travelers after driving the past week over 40 hours.
We were greeted by Elder and Sister Gordon, Elder and Sister Busath, and Elder and Sister Nielson who work in the office. They took us to our apartment and helped us move in.

The apartment complex in Hunters Creek has 23 buildings with about 20 apartments in each building--built around a picturesque lake aerated by the fountain shown in the picture. Next to the lake is a swimming pool and volleyball area.
There are ducks swimming in the lake and sleeping in the grass--watch your step the ducks leave droppings.
We are about 15 minutes from the mission office. The first place we went after we unloaded the car was--
 you guessed it--COSTCO.

See you later alligator
When we got back from Costco we stocked our kitchen with food etc. We have a nice three bedroom apartment furnished with donated bed, nightstands, dresser, couches, table and chairs, desk, and cabinet. We went to the Mission Presidents house for dinner. We had a delicious chicken and potato dinner and a nice visit Wow, President and Sister Berry have a nice big house to match their responsibilities. The mission home can sleep (sister Berry uses a linen service for the bedding) 12 missionaries at a time and they stay over when they are arriving or departing so they can catch rides to and from the airport.


Now that we are wearing our badges all the time we are representatives of Jesus Christ. People have been so nice to us for the most part.
It makes conversation easy.
I'm proud to be a Mormon!

DRIVE TO HOUSTON—Our last day of Medical Adviser training we were sitting at lunch with Dr. and Sister Drake our trainers. When we told them that we were driving to Denver this afternoon/evening as soon as our training was finished he seemed very surprised! He told us to be careful and stop every hour to walk around. After lunch we were given a practice test, that we finished in an hour then we were on the road. We made it to Denver and settled into the Ramada Inn by 11pm.  Our second day of driving was a long 14 hour day—from Denver to Dallas. We took turns driving and sleeping. Both days we ate dinner at Subway--my favorite. One great benefit of being missionaries is Chuck and I pray more consistently together and while driving we are listening to Book of Mormon on CD. We especially enjoyed the allegory of the Olive Tree—The Lord’s world history.
Grand-parenthood is the
 best stage of life.
Emma and Grandpa at NASA 
Thank you aunt Mary for the doll and shirt.
Emma and Matthias

Matt is ready for a day on call.
Liz gives a hug and a sack lunch 

HOUSTON—When we arrived at Matt and Liz apartment on Saturday at noon--Emma jumped up and down but Matthias clung to his parents. He did warm up to us by the time we left. Matthias crawls so easily he doesn’t care to walk. I did take him outside for a walk—he clung to my finger and got some good practice. After lunch we visited NASA (Johnson Space Center) and had dinner at Pappa’s Barbeque. Sunday, at Church Emma ran right into the nursery to play with the toys. Chuck took Matthias out during Sacrament meeting—so nice of him.  Liz cooked us delicious chicken, we relaxed, then went for a walk around Herman Park. Monday at the zoo we saw an elephant getting a bath, he held his foot up so the lady could scrub it. They check their feet closely and bath them every day for healthy skin. We went home for lunch and afternoon naps then ate delicious Tex-Mex at Pappasito’s Cantina. The next morning we packed up and left. It was harder to leave than I thought it would be. Thanks, Matt and Liz for giving us your king size bed, sorry you had to sleep on the air mattress—you are the best at hosting. I’ll have to say Liz is a loving wife and attentive mom. Matt is in the middle of internal medicine rotation, the final test is on Friday that will end his 3rd year of medical school—we were pleasantly surprised he was able to take Monday off to be with us. Glad to see he took some time off of school work to watch the soccer world cup and to be helpful to Liz with the children.

WELCOME TO FLORIDA--We made it to our mission state. Actually we have just driven through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and we are just south of Little Rock, Arkansas also part of our Southeast area. The freeway here is just beautiful lined with tall trees and lush green grass. Florida is the sunshine state but half of that sunshine is wet. It has rained hard every day since we arrived--along with spectacular lightning everywhere and frightening thunder. The Latter-day Saint Church has a 30 mile by 50 mile cattle ranch and it is reported that an average of 7 cows are killed by lightning every year. I had no idea Florida is really the lightning state. I know the sun shines because it is very hot and very humid. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

WALTON BEACH,FLORIDA--   We stopped to visit Kathryn (Rees) and Scott Burbidge and their 5 children. Scott was able to take us on Eglin Air Force Base where 32 years ago Chuck worked for 2 years at the hospital where  Kat was born. We had a great visit and fish dinner in Niceville, FL. overlooking Boggy Bayou. We were together touring and eating for about 4hours.
The Burbidge children age 8-14 were respectful and waited patiently--amazing.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


MTC—We (Elder and Sister Bean) arrived at the MTC Monday morning June 9th at 10 am. I was exhausted from the open house/speaking in sacrament meeting week- end and from waking up at 3am Monday morning to finish packing—I did sleep on the drive to Provo. We had our training in a church house adjacent to the MTC with 42 other senior couples. After everyone was introduced we received instruction on “Preach My Gospel”.

Our District L to R: E/S Stratton, E/S Bean, E/S Mau, E/S Sampson and Brother Defiguerito

 We were divided into “Districts”, our DL was Elder Stratton, a tease. The other couples were Sampson’s, he was a judge, and the Mau’s from Lebanon, Oregon. (They know and love the Elzinga’s). The teachers are above and beyond  enthusiastic and brought such an uplifting spirit. We learned how important it is to be a good listener.  We actually taught some lessons to “investigators”.  We had instruction on staying healthy, magnifying our calling, and of course “Preach My Gospel”.  We memorized our purpose: Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  Chuck found plenty of things to buy at the book store, drug store, and Kinko’s. Tuesday evening a surprise General Authority spoke at a devotional—Elder Q. L. Cook and his wife Mary. We went to the Provo Temple Thursday evening.
MTC FOOD--There is a huge variety of food choices at the cafeteria—Most of what we ate was fresh—salad, fruit, and veggie wraps. We also enjoyed cracked wheat, cottage cheese, yogurt and granola.  I did splurge on biscuits and gravy, fish n chips, and a hamburger. LODGING—We studied, relaxed and slept at Wyview which is on the West Campus about a mile from the MTC. It is a 9-plex apartment with a kitchenette, living room, one bedroom, and bath. One of the mornings we went walking along the Provo River trail.--SISTER BEAN
Yes we are back from the MTC and survived--Great experience! Learned a lot about how to talk with people and learn how to help them with their lives if they are desirous of that. It was not what you would think. They emphasized that first and foremost you need to get to know the people you are dealing with and understand their individual goals desires and problems. They emphasized listening, kindness, and service.  Mom and I got along really well. I am learning to be kinder and more patient--believe it or not. I love your mother very much and am glad really glad she is willing to do this with me--Elder Bean
MEDICAL MISSIONARY TRAINING—Such an inspiring four days--Monday through Thursday June 16-19 we stayed at home and drove to the Marriott Courtyard for Training specific to Medical Advisors and Mission Nurses. Dr. Wayne and Vicki Allgaier and Dr. Bill and Victoria Province  were the other Area Medical Advisers and their Assistants. There are so many resources that we downloaded onto our computer and website to help us with the health care of the missionaries. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Every talk was woven with scriptures and spiritual thoughts:“It is the will of God that you should repent and serve Him in health, and in strength, and in the power of his mind”--The Prophet Joseph Smith

Medical Training: Dr. and Sister Drake (trainers), Nurse McCormack, Dr. and Sister Bean, Dr. and Sister Allgaier, Elder and Nurse Dunn, Dr. and Sister Province, Elder and Nurse Cluff

Our last three evenings in Utah between packing/organizing we took some time to have dinner with the other Medical Advisors, a good friend—Kathleen Erickson, and the very last night we ate at Little America with Art Raymond and family, finally celebrating Art's April Birthday.

                      We are packed ready to go--Good bye Kaysville--see you in 2 years.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here we are at the MTC. Arrived on Monday. Already did a teaching discussion today with an "investigator".   What a great experience.  We are loving it here .